Chabad at UIC

A place where every Jew is family…


It is a home where all are welcome, regardless of background and affiliation.


It is a Jewish student organization that provides educational, social and recreational programming for students and faculty.

It is a space where students socialize in a comfortable home-like setting with great friends, superb food and stimulating discussion.

It is a forum where you can question and not be afraid of judgment.

It is a haven to run to when you're stressed or lonely and need a true friend.

It is a center for prayer and study, where you can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your Jewish heritage.

It is a partnership between students and staff to help create student programming, plan social action projects and offer many volunteer opportunities.

It is an academy providing texts and teachers for those who seek to learn.

It is an environment where being Jewish is fun.

It is inspired by the vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and guided through his teachings.

It is directed by Rabbi Bentzy and Chani Shemtov.

Chabad at UIC also services the students at other campuses in the area and the Jewish community of University Village.

Chabad at UIC is a branch of Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois.