Passover 2022 at Chabad

We look forward to celebrating Passover at Chabad and you're invited to join!

  Passover Seders

You're invited to join us for a meaningful and interactive Seder. A four course, delicious, home-cooked, traditional Passover dinner will be served. 

The Seders will take place on Friday Night, April 15 and Saturday Night, April 16.

To RSVP for the Seders click HERE

  Passover Meal Plan

Chabad will be providing a dinner mealplan and some lunches for students during the week of Passover. RSVP is required.

To RSVP for the mealplan click HERE

Passover Sponsorship

Your donation towards Passover at Chabad makes a real difference and will allow students and community to enjoy a meaningful and delicious holiday.

To donate towards Passover at Chabad click HERE

Handmade Matzah Gift

We are pleased to gift you with a box of handmade Shmurah matzah to enjoy at your seder. 

To reserve your handmade matzah gift click HERE

                            Sell Your Chametz Online                 

                    Before the start of Passover, it is essential to remove all chametz (bread and leavened products) from our home or to sell them to a non Jew for the duration of the holiday. This can easily be done online.

To sell your chametz online, click HERE

  Passover Guide 

For a full Passover guide including how-to, insights, stories, recipes, kids activities and more visit

For a full Passover guide, click HERE